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Salma Akter
Jun 22, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
At that time, Kuwo, Xiami, and QQ Music entered. At that time, executive list audition and download were the main services provided by the company. executive list During this period, the number of user downloads exploded, and user habits were gradually formed. 2. Remodeling Period - Copyright Era During this period, NetEase Cloud joined, state departments rectified copyright-free audio-visual websites, and major players completed copyright and mobile Internetization. 3. Integration Period - Business Merger and Copyright Cooperation Xiami Music. The current stage - the era of stock The online music executive list industry has entered the era of stock dividends, and major music platforms have entered the "post-copyright era". Deeply cultivating users and improving user stickiness have become the focus, including but not limited to community-based content expansion. It has become a trend . Take communityization as an example, communityization can enrich the content in digital music applications, improve the content ecology, executive list enhance user experience, and then promote user usage time and stickiness, and then carry out diversified commercial realization. At the same time, the direction of content expansion is executive list gradually extending to the upstream and downstream of the industry. The industrial chain executive list map of China's online music industry is shown in Figure 1.1, such as independent original music plans, music content variety show incubation, expansion of various music styles, platform radio long audio, live broadcast and other levels Explore increments to expand content distribution and monetization channels, and create a music entertainment social ecological platform covering music, live broadcasts, and short videos.
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Salma Akter

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