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Keeping our leaders accountable:

March 26

By: Ally Q.

What started as a list of promises has become a list of lies. President Joe Biden has been in office for a month and a lot of the promises he’s made have already been broken. President Biden promised 0 deportations in his first 100 days in office would be made in order to protect families, but a staggering number of 26,248 deported migrants say otherwise.

However, what is more disappointing is the reaction from the public. There are people who still defend him, but he has only lied to the American public. Truth will only keep democracy flowing, not lies. It matters not that he signed executive orders that have undone President Trump’s legacy and continues to help people. Excusing one of his actions gives freeway for excusing other actions that he will do later on. It’s time for the public to recognize this fact.

Democracy demands accountability. When elected leaders intentionally lie for their own personal gain, in ways that deny people their rights — including the right to have their votes counted — and use the powers of the government to support those lies, they are violating the right to truth of all citizens. When agency heads and staff members, who have also taken an oath, use their offices to aid and abet official lies, a formal reckoning is essential to restore respect for law and democratic governance. But we should not merely wait for our political leaders to act. The right to truth should be asserted by pressing leaders who have lied at news conferences, town halls, formal hearings, and campaigns. Elements of this can be heard in the article of impeachment against Trump, which rests on the assertion that his lies violate his oath and make him dangerously unfit for any future office.

It is well past time to hold accountable leaders who do not meet this duty of truth, who lie, intimidate, imprison and kill truth-seekers and truth-tellers. Regardless of where we are in the world, we have a right to the truth. It is time we demand it.

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