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How will America Recover after the President Trump Era?

By: Ally Q.

This was the question everyone was wondering after November 3.

Without a doubt, President Trump has left an everlasting impression and legacy. The way he had handled COVID-19, racial injustices, immigration, women’s rights, foreign affairs, US economy, climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, and the riots at Capitol Hill has, without sugarcoating it, ruined other countries' trust in us. A supposed global superpower known to be the “home of the free” was declining in front of their eyes. President Biden has a tough job in front of him as the United States’ reputation has been diminished, and our foreign partners are beyond skeptical and cautious - a problem to which most American leaders are unaccustomed to.

President Biden’s expectations are through the roof after his promises during his campaign. But where should he actually start? Everything starts rotting within; it’s the same in the United States. His first priority is to make sure everything is running smoothly before relationships with other countries can be discussed. Everything from the staff to nationwide politics will need to be remade and restaffed.

Biden's Administration has a long road to travel. But, if it's able to develop a sound relationship with China, reassert itself in relations with Russia, pursue economic policies that see international economic growth, and recapture the confidence of allies, friends, and United States citizens, it will have more than enough

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